Related Party Transactions

The Board of Directors has defined the principles for monitoring and evaluating related party transactions.

The Company evaluates and monitors transactions concluded between the Company and its related parties and ensures that any conflicts of interest are taken into account appropriately in the decision-making process of the Company. The Company keeps a list of parties that are related to the Company.

Purmo Group can conduct with its related parties business transactions that constitute part of Purmo Group’s ordinary course of business and are implemented on arm’s length terms and abiding Purmo Group’s internal decision-making guidelines. The Board of Directors decides, taking into consideration conflict of interest rules, on transactions with related parties that are not part of Purmo Group’s ordinary course of business or that are not implemented under arm’s length terms.

Purmo Group’s Finance organisation monitors related party transactions through accounting, Board documentation and other available sources, and regularly conducts inquiries about related party transactions to managers and key management persons. In connection with quarterly reporting, the financial process ensures that related party transactions are properly reported to the related party transaction watch list compiled for financial reporting purposes. The watch list is regularly submitted to the Audit Committee for information.

In principle, all related party transactions must be reported in the notes to the financial statements and material related party transactions also in the interim reports. In addition, the Company publishes such related party transactions to the extent required pursuant to the applicable legislation and the rules of Nasdaq Helsinki.

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