Purmo Group joins WWF Finland’s Green Steel campaign to combat climate change

07 December 2023

Purmo Group Plc | Press Release | December 07, 2023 at 15:15:00 EET

Purmo Group, a leader in sustainable indoor climate comfort solutions, is joining WWF Finland’s campaign to encourage steel producers worldwide in the transition to low-emission production to mitigate the climate crisis. The steel industry produces about 28 per cent of all industrial greenhouse gas emissions and 7–9 per cent of all climate-warming emissions in the world. Despite the effects on the environment, steel demand continues to grow.

For companies like Purmo Group participating in WWF’s campaign, steel is a key part of their business. To minimise the emissions of steel production, steel manufacturers are encouraged to move from current coal-based production to electric arc furnaces and hydrogen-based reduction, and increase the amount of iron and scrap steel as raw material. The electricity for the electric-arc furnaces can also be produced in low-emission ways, such as wind and solar power. Building a cleaner energy infrastructure also requires steel.

”Steel represents approximately 50% of all raw material purchases in Purmo Group. As pioneers in our industry, on 6 November 2023, we were delighted to announce a binding agreement with H2 Green Steel to purchase 140,000 tonnes of green steel between 2026-2033. With this commitment, we will secure the supply of green steel and start production of green steel products. We would like to welcome other players in the steel industry to join us in greener production and a cleaner future”, says Sam Hodlin, Head of Sustainability, Safety and Well-being of Purmo Group.

”The steel industry plays a decisive role in whether global warming can be limited to below 1.5 degrees. Technological solutions to minimise emissions are already available, but investments in coal-based production that accelerate climate change are still being made. Purmo Group's commitment to purchasing green steel demonstrates leadership and responsibility, which is needed from all operators using steel”, comments Bernt Nordman, Head of Climate programme at WWF Finland.

WWF Finland’s Ready for Green Steel campaign runs until the end of 2023. Read more about the campaign at: https://wwf.fi/en/ready-for-green-steel/.

Further information:
Justin Roux, Head of Global Communications, Purmo Group Plc
Tel. +44 771 742 2893
Bernt Nordman, Head of Climate program, WWF Finland
Tel. +358 50 525 0348

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About Purmo Group:
Purmo Group is at the centre of the global sustainability journey, offering full solutions and sustainable ways of heating and cooling homes to mitigate global warming. We provide complete heating and cooling solutions to residential and non-residential buildings, including underfloor heating and cooling systems, a broad range of radiators, heat pumps, flow control and hydronic distribution systems, as well as smart products. Our mission is to be the global leader in sustainable indoor climate comfort solutions. Our approximately 3,170 employees operate in 24 countries, manufacturing and distributing top-quality products and solutions to our customers in more than 100 countries. Purmo Group’s shares are listed on Nasdaq Helsinki with the ticker symbol PURMO. More information: www.purmogroup.com.

About WWF Finland:
WWF Finland is part of the extensive international WWF network that has offices in about 50 countries and operations in over one hundred countries. WWF, which was founded in 1961, has grown from a small organisation that focused on conserving endangered species to the most influential environmental organisation in the world. In Finland, we have operated since 1972.

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